Boathouse Yacht Facility

And Our Five Star

Mega Yachting Facility

The Boathouse of Fort Lauderdale is a state-of-the-art, fully covered, mega yacht dockominium like no other in the world. We have everything you need right at your finger tips and feet.

Walking Distance From An Array Of Shops, Restaurants and Bars.

The Port of Everglades and the International Airport are just minutes from our marina, which makes us a key spot for docking your vessel.​​​


  • 24 Hour On Site Security Staff
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • 600s.f. Air-Conditioned Storage
  • Fuel Service
  • Electricity
  • Cable / Telephone
  • Two Laundry Rooms
  • Air-Conditioned On-Site Gym
  • Rooftop Sunset Lounge
  • Private Parking Garage

Covered Slips​

  • LENGTH: 135′
  • WIDTH: 32′
  • DRAFT: 12′


  • Discount On Dockage
  • No Additional Fueling Surcharge
  • Air-Conditioned Gym
  • Exhaust Removal System
  • Reinforced Concrete Structure
  • Protection From Elements
  • FREE Tender Dockage*
  • FREE Tug In And Out*​​
  • Preferred Customer Discounts at our sister marina*

Outdoor Slips

  • LENGTH: 200′ WIDTH: 33′
  • LENGTH: 145′ WIDTH: 33′
  • LENGTH: 100′ WIDTH: 33′
  • 420′ FACE DOCK

Our Amenities

Shore Power for our Face dock Mega Yachts

Shore Power

How does shore power work?
Shore Power works by plugging your yacht into a power source on the dock, which transfers AC to your boat. On our docks and slips, you will find an electrical tower, known as the power pedestal. Within it, there is an AC plug to which you can connect. Shore Power allows you to plug your yacht into the power pedestal and enjoy electric onboard.

Why is it called shore power?
The term “shore power” refers to the source of the power, which is “shoreside electrical power.” Shore power is beneficial in this way because it alleviates the unnecessary use of fuel, which would otherwise be used to power yachts and boats while in port.

Dockside fuel service for your Mega Yacht

Fuel Service

Having fuel delivered to your yacht can save you time, money, and effort. Let your captain and crew continue their everyday duties while our fuel service ensures you are ready to hit the open ocean on your next adventure.
Private Garage for Your Mega Yacht Accessories and Vehicles

Private Parking Garage

Our covered Mega yacht slips are accompanied with private 3 car garages that also have access to the private storage areas. There are three separate garage doors for privacy and luxury.

Here are some quick reasons why private parking garages are a benefit to you.
1. You’ll protect your vehicle investment with garage parking
2. Garage parking keeps vehicles and valuables more secure
3. Garage parking protects your vehicles from the elements
4. It’s more convenient for you and your guest with a guaranteed spot
5. Your vehicles are only driven 5% of the vehicle lifetime

Security is a priority for your Mega Yacht

24 Hour Security

We always have a Boathouse Yacht Facility employee on staff at every moment of the day and night. With our 24 hour on site security as well as our monitored security cameras, you can sleep easy at night knowing that your Mega Yacht and belongings are in good hands and watchful eyes.
Easy to access laundry rooms for all of your linens to be cleaned and pressed

Washroom Facilities

Our Mega Yacht Facility is equipped with Full restrooms and wash rooms. Our restrooms have an added amenity with a full shower in each. Our two washrooms have a full size washer and dryer in each.
Boathouse Rooftop Lounge

Rooftop Lounge

Take in a surreal sight with sun rising or setting on our rooftop lounge. In the mood for some sun while your Mega Yacht is in its Covered Slip? Take a short elevator ride and enjoy the beautiful south Florida weather and sun. Weather you are taking in some rays or winding down with a phenomenal sunset, you will not be disappointed with the views of the Fort Lauderdale skyline. Occasionally events are held up here as well and you never know who you may run into at the Boathouse Yacht Facility Rooftop Lounge.
600 sq ft air conditioned storage with every Covered Yacht slip

Private Storage

Our facilities dont stop with just Mega Yacht dockage and storage. Our facility also has individual 600 s.f. Private Air-Conditioned Storage for our valued guests. This is easily accessible and even has a short cut through located in your Private Garage space. With Air-Conditioned Storage you don't have to wonder if your belongings will parish as most due in a storage facility.
Boathouse Mega Yacht Marina Gym

Air Conditioned Gym

Maybe you are looking for a little fitness while you are docked up? Your captain and crew are a vital piece to the yachting puzzle. Keep them in ship shape with a sufficient Air-Conditioned Gym at Boathouse Yacht Facility. With ample machines and weights they are sure to get a solid workout and stay healthy witch normally leads to happy.
Cable and telephone service with our Mega Yacht storage clients

Cable & Telephone

With cable and satalite it has never been easier for you to browse through the channels in the luxury of your Mega Yacht. Being that our facility is concrete, salalite television is the best choice for no disruptions while you enjoy your luxurious yacht.

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Boathouse Yacht Facility


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